Baghdad Burning

April 27, 2007 at 10:43 pm Leave a comment

If you have never read Baghdad Burning, a blog written by a young lady in Iraq, you have been missing out on a perspective of the war that is heinously unrepresented – that of the Iraqi people living their lives under the bombs and occupation of the U.S.

In her most recent blog, she mentions the wall-building and the sectarian divisions, as well as announces that she and her family are making plans to leave Iraq. Becoming part of the huge flow of Iraqis who have been forced to flee from their homes and communities out of fear for their families, but have found few countries willing to offer them refuge – including the U.S. and Britain, who are the cause of the current instability and rampant violence. Jordan and Syria are the only places at the moment that waive the need for a visa, despite the logistical and life-endangering steps, not to mention the cost, required to get a visa right now; even Jordan and Syria aren’t guaranteeing entrance to fleeing Iraqis because these countries cannot absorb all of these people when it comes to jobs and housing.

The numbers of fleeing and displaced Iraqis is in the millions now. These are people who have lived under 4 years of occupation but now are starting to try to leave the country because there is no end in sight, because the violence is worse everyday of the occupation, even though they love their country they cannot live there any longer.

What have you done to end the war today?


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