4 years, no more

March 19, 2007 at 7:26 pm Leave a comment

Today we have begun the 5th year of our war and occupation of Iraq. We were against the war before it began and we continue to be against it, our actions each day are creating the pressure to end it. Last week in the Senate they voted on a bill that would start withdrawal in 4 months and be completed by next March, which lost, but just barely, and is more than the Senate has done thus far on trying to end the war. In the House they included language in the War Supplemental funding request that called for withdrawal by September 1, 2008. This is significant, but it isn’t enough and we need to keep up the pressure. Too many have already lost too much in this war, and each day more die and are wounded as the war continues; we must ramp up the pressure on Congress to end the war NOW, not months or years from now. Let us know how you’re ramping up pressure and building opposition to the war in your community/campus! Here’s a short checklist for action:

  1. Sign the Pledge to take action and let us know what you’re planning!
  2. Haven’t planned an event yet? Check out United for Peace and Justice for an event in your area, or register/publicize your own events.
  3. Call your Representative and/or Senators! Check out our sample call-in script for tips. If you call your Representative before next Thursday tell them to stop funding the war when they vote on the Supplemental. Do call-ins while you’re tabling and after other events this week.
  4. Take pictures and/or video of your actions and events!
  5. Reportback to us on how your event or call-ins went! Send pictures and we’ll post them up on the website! Or post your photos to the 4th Anniversary Action group

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Untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Students Against the War – still

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