What are you doing for the 4th anniversary?

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Last Friday, the House of Representatives held a weeklong debate on the war and passed a non-binding resolution against the troop escalation (246 for, 182 against). On Saturday the Senate failed to get the votes to be able to debate and consider a similar resolution on the floor. It is progress, but it’s already four years late in coming, so we have to step up the pressure on Congress to move and end the war.

The 4th Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is quickly approaching, and you may find yourself thinking ‘I’m sick of this war and want it to end, but what can I do?’


Show your opposition to this war!

Even if you feel isolated in your community, odds are good that you aren’t the only person in town who is against the war.

So one thing you can do is show your opposition on your sleeve (or your shirt, bag, etc), find a way to be visible with your opposition and you’ll be surprised how many people will initiate conversation from seeing a button in passing. Many of us think about the war all the time, by showing it we create space for people to talk about the war and encourages others to show their opposition too. You can order Books Not Bombs! buttons here, or make your own variety of ‘end the war’ t-shirts or armbands (look up tutorials on screen printing and DIY to figure out the number of ways you can make them on the cheap for you, your friends and group). Be creative!

We’re sending those Books Not Bombs buttons to every member of Congress too so we need everyone to contact their Representative and Senators to tell them to wear the button and ask what they’re doing to fund education instead of war. There’ll be more materials/ideas on this next week on the site, but here’s one idea: set up a phone bank outside the student union on your campus, get your friends to donate their cell phones for an hour or two and get people as they pass by to call their representative and tell them to end the war, give everyone who makes a call a button, sticker or armband.

Already planning something for the 4th Anniversary? Or are you just getting started and unsure what to do? Brainstorm, share and plot on a conference call next week with others from across the network. We haven’t set the date in stone yet, we want to hear what times work best for you! Would Tuesday at 9:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time) or Wednesday at 8pm (EST), or neither, be better for a call? Let us know! We’ll send out a confirmation email of date and time on Monday morning.

Now is the time to take action!


SPAN Coordinator
Student Peace Action Network


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