Escalation and Expansion

January 16, 2007 at 3:40 pm Leave a comment

Last week, President Bush announced that we would be sending another 20,000 U.S. troops to help ‘stabilize’ Iraq , despite the recommendations of everyone, besides John McCain, to do just the opposite.

At the same time, the British are continuing their plans to get out .
Representative John Murtha noted “Five months ago, we put an additional 10,000 troops in Baghdad. Attacks increased and a record number of Americans and Iraqis were killed. ” Again proving that our presence is the catalyst for violence in Iraq, and sending more troops in will only cause more deaths.
More than a thousand events occurred the day after the speech to show public opposition to escalating troop levels. You can check out to see reports from some of the events, or if you planned or participated in one of the events on Thursday, post your own report, pictures or video!

Aside from continuing to blame the Iraqis for ‘not standing up’ to stop the violence, there were also threats to Iran within the speech. Little did anyone expect that the next morning U.S. troops would raid an Iran Consulate in Iraq and arrest several Iranians, which whether or not it breaks international law, definitely is provoking Iran. Along with the increased rhetoric against Iran and build up of our ships off their coast (and Israel leaking plans to use ‘tactical nukes’ against Iran’s nuclear energy program) it seems likely that Bush is not only going to escalate troop levels in Iraq but expand the war to Iran too.

While technically Bush doesn’t have the authority to invade Iran, that didn’t prevent the U.S. from attacking a Somali village this week in a failed attempt to kill 3 Al-Queda leaders, which killed numerous innocent civilians.

But what can I do?

Call your members of Congress! They have the power to not only stop the escalation but end the war on Iraq. The number for the Capitol switchboard is 202-225-3121, from there they can direct your call to the office of your Representative or Senators by name or your zip code,

There are already companion pieces of legislation in the House and Senate that would prevent funding for an escalation of troops. The Senate piece (S.233), introduced by Sen. Ted Kennedy, will probably be voted on early next week. The House version (H.R.353), introduced by Rep. Ed Markey, will also come up for a vote soon. Below is a sample of what to say.

Senate: “Hi, my name is ___, I am a constituent of Senator ___ and I oppose the escalation of troops in Iraq. I ask that the Senator support Senator Kennedy’s legislation to stop the escalation. We must end this war, not expand it!”

House Representative: “Hi, my name is ___, I am a constituent of Representative ___ and I oppose the escalation of troops in Iraq. I ask that the Representative support Representative Markey’s legislation to stop the escalation. We must end the war, not send more troops into Iraq!”

Please call! Even if you take a moment to call now and leave a message on their voicemail, it makes a difference.

You can also sign the No War on Iran petition.

Join us on January 27th!


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New Year, New Congress, New Opportunities to End the War Join us January 27th!

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