Chaos and Action!

October 13, 2006 at 6:03 pm Leave a comment

There’s a lot to focus on at the moment, so here’s a brief overview of what’s been happening over the last week…

North Korea claims to have tested a nuclear weapon last week, even though air tests in the area show no elevated radioactivity levels, and the UN Security Council will vote on sanctions tomorrow – the text at the moment outline non-military sanctions and a full arms embargo. It’s a bad situation that hypocritical U.S. nuclear and foreign policy has drastically escalated in the past 4 years.

Which has created some confusion and distraction from Iran. The rhetoric is still the same as we heard in the build up to the Iraq War, with wild and untrue tales of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear holocaust, and people willing to listen to something that distracts us from existing quagmires that all reports show are expanding and growing terrorism potential (then it was Afghanistan, now it’s Iraq).

But back to Iraq, a new report released estimates 655,000 Iraqis have died since the invasion, and that’s on top of the more than a million Iraqis (mostly children) who died under 12 years of sanctions after the first Gulf War. That’s one of many reasons why the Iraqi people are angry, and why U.S. plans to keep 140,000 troops there for the next 4 years will only continue to make a bad situation worse; especially when 1 in 5 Iraq/Afghanistan vets are currently disabled because of their service. The Brits are already making the connections of how their role in Iraq is making them less safe, and there is a push to withdraw their 7,000 troops from the country.

As the congressional elections approach, we need to put the pressure on candidates and legislators. They have the power and responsibility to end the war in Iraq, as well as preventing more wars of aggression. The Books Not Bombs campaign is to help highlight and connect all the student organizing against the war and the costs/causes of war to put Congress on notice that they need to stop this madness. We will not be silent. You can sign the petition and register any of the events you are already working on to promote peace and justice. We must collectively make our voices heard!

Randy Wilson
SPAN Organizer


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